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Loma Linda University Health

SRRSH-Loma Linda University Health



Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) is an academic medical center operating six hospitals, a physician practice corporation, remote clinics in the western United States, and affiliate organizations around the world. These medical services interact with the eight schools that make up their healthcare focused university. This mutual pursuit of excellence leads to outstanding care for the patients and great learning opportunities for the students.




LLUH is committed to the setting of advancing medical science and to providing a stimulating clinical and research environment for the education of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals. In 2018U.S. News & World Report names Loma Linda University Medical Center among best in the Riverside and San Bernardino metro area.


LLUH’s participation and help in SRRSH’s development can be dated back to 1980s. In the first 5 years of SRRSH’s history, world renowned medical experts and management elites were sent to SRRSH from LLUH. During their time, they contributed to the fast development of the hospital. After the 5th anniversary, the administrative authority shifted to Chinese management, which created a mutual collaboration. Since then, LLUH leaders and experts has been continuously offering help and support to SRSRH.


Ÿ  Over 1000 people have participated in medical exchange, including hands-on training in a new program launched in 2011

Ÿ  Over 350 SRRSH staff have received mentorship training from Loma Linda University 

Ÿ  Loma Linda leaders have received provincial and national awards for their service to Zhejiang Province and China 

Ÿ  Pioneered first dental hygiene program in China in 2009

Ÿ  Implemented internal medicine residency program in 2011

Ÿ  Offered medical leadership training conferences in China starting in 2012

Ÿ  Dr. Richard Hart, president of Loma Linda University Health, received “Chinese Friendship Award” in 2016



Inspired by such a long-term and fine cooperative traditions, SRRSH and LLUH will continue this affinity and deepen future collaborations in education field.