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Hospital Management
Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital employs a style of management that integrates best practices from both Chinese and Western cultural models. With its continuous focus on high-quality, patient-centered medical care, the hospital has achieved a level of performance which meets or exceeds national and international benchmarks.
Pioneering “Shaw Hospital Model” Improves the Service Standard for Patients
  • ■ The First Committee-System Hospital in China
    ■ The First Domestic Hospital Attending Responsibility System
    ■ No Infusion Area in Outpatient
    ■ Painless Hospital
    ■ Professional Medical Ancillary Team
    ■ No Additional Bed in the Unit
    ■ Patient Confidentiality
    ■ Average Length of Stay: 6.52 days (shortest in China)

Patient-Oriented Service System
  • ■ Bed Coordinating: All inpatient beds are coordinated for an efficient occupancy rate, which greatly shortens the length of stay and decreases hospitalization costs for patients.
    ■ Support System Upgrade: SRRSH has dispatch services department, unit secretary position, electronic (paperless) order system and wireless medical network, and pioneering centralized configuration of i.v. system.
    ■ Centralized Appointment System: SRRSH implements the system in outpatient and ancillary areas, and encourages patients to use the virtual registration system to reduce waiting time.

Digitalization Boosts Service Innovation
  • With the creation of SRRSH WeChat account, the development of SRRSH App, the start of the SRRSH Healthcare Cloud Platform, and the application of AliPay Service, SRRSH provides an improved clinical experience for the patients.

    Mobile Payment & Information Guide:
    Patients can complete registration, make payments and check examination reports via mobile phone. And they can also complete satisfaction surveys on their phones.

    Healthcare Cloud Platform:
    The cloud platform provides patient-centered services, including appointment scheduling, dual referral system from network hospitals, e-consultation, health counseling,linkages between healthcare professionals, and ability to upload patient infromation on to the Cloud.

    WeChat influence:
    SRRSH spreads healthcare knowledge and pushes hospital news to patients and the public via WeChat. WeChat has expanded the hospital’s social influence and reputation, resulting in SRRSH being ranked first in WeChat influence among Chinese hospitals.